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Our Story

“On the islands of the Maldives, coconut trees drop their coconuts into the ocean as a tribute to Don Hiyalā - the legendary beauty from a Maldivian folklore. It is said that these Maldivian coconuts hold the secret to achieving Don Hiyalā’s beautiful skin."

Inspired by Paradise

Not just your ordinary skincare. We are island’s best kept beauty secret.

PARADISE SKIN ™, was born with a lofty objective: to nourish and protect your skin in tropical weather conditions.

Just as we dress differently for varying degrees of weather, your skin too, needs the right protection and care that is effective in different temperatures and humidity.

Growing up in the beautiful islands of the Maldives, we saw a shortage of sun and beach appropriate skincare that was both functional and effective. With a mission to protect and revitalise your skin from the permanent damages of harmful UV rays and external environmental stress, Paradise Skin was born.

Prioritising health and environmental sustainability, each product at Paradise Skin is inspired by Maldives’ crystal clear ocean, and is crafted by sourcing only the finest and clinically-proven ingredients from around the world. Adding a dose of island love, magic and harnessing generations of island’s best kept beauty secrets, Paradise Skin offers a solution for every sun-loving and island-hopping soul out there!

Paradise Tradition

For centuries, Maldivians embraced natural ingredients from the island and sea, to nourish their soul and body. Paradise Skin was born to share Maldives’ traditional beauty secrets with the world. Our products are inspired by the rich marine life and tropical species found in Maldives‘ sea and land - the life source to many unique organisms that can heal, renew and protect your skin. Our crystal-clear waters are abundant with powerful ingredients such as Maldivian seaweed, algae, and deep sea water while our fertile lands are filled with fruits and plants rich with nutrients and antioxidants. Staying true to the island’s ethos, our ingredients are sustainably sourced yet uncompromising in function and effectiveness.